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Trekking Places in Coorg

Tadiandamol Trek, Nishani Motte Trek, Kumara Parvatha Trek, Brahmagiri Trek, Kotebetta Trek, Kopatty Hills Trek, Galibeedu Trek, Kakkabe Trek, Tavoor Hills Trek, Mandalpatti Trek and others.

Loaded with dramatic hills, splendid panoramic and scenic pathways, coorg trekking destinations are famed for offering the best of nature.  Leading you through mesmerising waterfalls and rocky terrains, the famed outdoors of the Ghats have made Coorg the “Adventure Capital of Karnataka”.  Most of the trekking destinations here like the Kabbe Hills and Tavoor Hills take you to the top of a mountain where you can enjoy a close encounter with low lying clouds. Whether you are an adrenaline seeker who wishes to conquer gigantic heights or a pilgrim wishing to visit a spiritual spot on the top of a hill, the variety of treks offered in Coorg will keep everyone happy.

Many other trekking places in Coorg like the Iruppu Falls and the Pushpagiri hills take you through lush green forest covers which are a hideout for random waterfalls and small streams of water. For the curious wanderers, Coorg has so much on offer which is scenic as well as thrilling. Acting as a cherry on the top, many trails of these treks pass through tra, coffee and spice plantations, thus making your adventure even more delightful. Ranging from easy to moderate as well as difficult, these treks will ensure that all kinds of travellers enjoy them.

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Tadiandamol Trek, Coorg


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Activity Location: Tadiandamol, CoorgStart Point: BangaloreTadiandamol Trek Distance: 15 Km (both ways)Trek Difficulty: ModerateSummit Height: 1748 m.Tadiandamol Trek Departure:Friday: With TransportationSaturday: Without TransportationPick-up points:Indranagar: 9:00 PMDomlur: 9:15 PMMysore Road: 10:00 PMTadiandamol Trek Duration: 2 Days & 2 NightsAbout Tadiandamol Trek Coorg:Gear up for an adventurous trekking session to Tadiandamol peak with your folks and admire the beautiful scenes of the Western Ghats. About 274 km from Bangalore, the Tadiandamol Peak implies the highest peak in Coorg and contains the stunning green trails of the Shola forests. Reaching an elevation of 1,748 m, Tadiandamol trek in Coorg is perfect for families, nature enthusiasts, backpackers, or corporate buddies.

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4999 Ratings

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Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg


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Activity location: Coorg, KarnatakaKudremukh Trek Distance: 28 km (both ways)Summit Height: 5,617 ft.Trek Difficulty: Moderate to DifficultPick-up Timings: 09:00 PM onwardsPick-up points: Indiranagar: 9:00 PMDomlur: 9:30 PMYeshwanthpur: 10:00 PMGorgunte palya: 10:15 PMAbout Kumara Parvatha Trekking:Coorg has always been a paradise to explore for nature lovers, adorned with many hidden treasures of nature. One amongst them is Kumara Parvatha (5,617 feet), which is famous for being the second-highest peak in Coorg and the sixth in Karnataka. Consisting of rugged trails, the Kumara Parvatha Trekking experience will give you a time - full of adventure and delight.

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3969 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Trekking in Coorg

  1. Which are best trekking trails in Coorg?

    1. Tadiandamol Peak: Reached at a height of 5735 feet, the Tadiandamol Peak is known to offer some of the most mesmerising views of the whole town of Coorg. The way to the top is covered with various small streams, gushing waterfalls, puffy clouds and dark blue skies. to cover this track you would have to pass through various coffee farms and rugged terrains finally reach the top.

    Once you reach the top of the speak, you will be offered some of the most mesmerising views of the western cards all around you. The whole distance of this trek is around 4.5 km and is considered to be one of the easiest Coorg trekking destinations.

    Location: Kakkabe, Srirangapatna, Coorg
    Distance: 4.5 KM
    Level of difficulty: Easy

    2. Iruppu Falls Trek: Loaded with various geographical marvels, narrow ready pathways, random small streets and streams, the trick to Iruppu falls is loaded with various wonderful surprises. The Trail passes through lush green forest, therefore spotting some endangered species of animals and plants is easy here.

    The trick ends when you finally reach the waterfall and enjoy the scenery of a white coloured gushing stream falling on the ground and creating a giant pool of foam.

    Location: Iruppu Falls, Srimangala, Coorg
    Distance: 4 to 5 KM depending on the trail chosen
    Level of difficulty: Easy

    3. Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek:
    If you are an adventure enthusiast who is wishing to enjoy a trek which is difficult but at the same time provides you with some of the most beautiful views and a comforting trial, Galibeedu - Subramanya Trek is for you. The Galibeedu and Subrahmanya trek is located in a small village in the hearts of Karnataka.

    Once you reach the top of this peak, you can enjoy the most memorable view of the Western Ghats and at the same time can set up a tent and spend a night camping. Considered to be one of the best Coorg trekking locations, the whole trail requires around two days to get complete.

    Galibeedu Village, Madikeri, Coorg
    Distance: 30 KM 
    Level of difficulty: Moderate

    4. Pushpagiri Trek: 
    Passing through various waterfalls, rocky pathways and serene greens, the way to Pushpagiri Peak has made it one of the most favourite Coorg trekking destinations among tourists and locals alike. Taking around 6-7 hours to get complete without any halt, this trek usually starts around 10 in the morning.

    The most mesmerizing aspect of Pushpagiri Trek is the view offered from its top. In addition to this, camping is also allowed here, which lures adventurers throughout the world. Ensuring your safety, the wildlife department has placed various checkposts where you can stop for a while to rest.

    Location: Heggademane Temple, Coorg
    Distance: 12 KM 
    Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

    5. Kotebetta Trek: Taking you through lush green and rolling grasslands, the trail to Kotebetta is truly scenic as well as mesmerizing. The trek stars from Madhapur, after which you are required to hike and trek for around 2 days. In the middle of the whole route, you will find various scenic spots amidst coffee and spice plantations to set up a tent and rest overnight.

    Once you reach the peak, you will be enchanted by the views of low lying clouds touching you. Since the way to the top is kind of tricky, thus you are advised to take a guide with you to ensure proper safety.

    Location: Madhapur, Madikeri, Coorg
    Distance: 20 KM 
    Level of difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

    6. Brahmagiri Hills: 
    Sitting at an elevation of 1608 metres above sea level, Brahmagiri Peak is one of the best Coorg trekking destinations. This is the place where you can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of walking along the clouds. Due to its high altitude, this place is famed for offering some of the most scenic and enchanting views of the valley below.

    Along the way to the top, you will come across many coffee plantations and rigid plains. For the adventure enthusiasts, various activities like river rafting and ziplining can also be enjoyed along the way and this is one of the best places for trekking in coorg karnataka.

    Distance: 6 KM
    Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

    7. Raja’s Seat, Madikeri Trek: 
    One of the least frequented treks in Coorg, Madikeri is home to numerous hidden gems in the form of gushing waterfalls and narrow streams. Raja’s Seat, meaning 'the seat of a king gets its name due to its perfect location.

    The spot overlooks the most splendid panoramic views of the valley below it and besides it lies a beautiful waterfall falling all the way below and creating a giant pool to swim in. The whole trek can be easily covered within 7 to 8 hours, thus making it one of the most favourable one-day treks. 

    Raja’s Seat, Madikeri
    Distance: 12 KM
    Level of difficulty: Moderate

    8. Kabbe Hills: 
    Taken over 6 to 7 hours to get complete, a trek to the Kabbe Hills is for those who want to enjoy an energetic trek without any stoppage. Although these hills can be reached by hiring a car or a jeep, people just prefer trekking over other means of transportation.

    The top of this hill contains a gigantic waterfall along with a pool in which you can enjoy a joyous dip and swim. Some area of the hill overlooks the Western Ghats and is known for being a photography point as well and this is one of the best places for trekking in coorg karnataka.

    Kabbe Hills, Coorg
    Distance: 15 KM
    Level of difficulty: Moderate to difficult

    9. Tavoor Hills Trek: One of the most difficult treks in Coorg, Tavoor Hills trail is more like a religious tour. The trek ends at the conjunctions of three different temples, each of which are dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. This trekking route will offer you everything, ranging for scenic beauty to thrill and adventure.

    Once you have reached the top, you can choose to camp up along the temples, followed by watching the beautiful views below you. The most mesmerising part of this trek is the sunrise from the peak which can only be enjoyed if you camp here.

    Tavoor Hills, Coorg
    Distance: 22 KM 
    Level of difficulty: Difficult
  2. What is the best time to visit Coorg for Trekking?

    The temperature in Coorg ranges between 15-20 degrees Celsius throughout the year with its pristine valleys and mesmerizing landscapes.

    The months from November to March are the most recommended for tourists planning to trel in Coorg.

  3. Is it safe to trek in Coorg during monsoon?

    Monsoons are not the best time to go for trekking in Coorg. Many roads become inaccessible and the trails get infested with leeches because of heavy rains in Coorg.

    However monsoon trekking to Coorg is recently becoming very popular if you trek with caution and have got all the supplies necessary to beat the rains.

  4. Where is Coorg? How can I reach Coorg?

    Coorg also known as Kodagu is an administrative district in Karnataka, India. It is one of the most affluent hill stations in Karnataka famous for its forest-covered hills, spice and coffee plantations.

    Coorg is about 250 kilometers away from Bangalore and you can easily reach here in 5-6 hours. The best way of transportation to Coorg from Bangalore is via your personal car or availing a public bus which is available every 30-60 minutes.

  5. How far is Coorg from Bangalore?

    Coorg is located at a distance of 260 kilometers from Bangalore. It is about a 5 hour drive between the two places.

  6. What should I carry while visiting Coorg?

    If you are visiting Coorg, there are some things which you should not forget while packing your bags to make your trip easier and comfortable. You should carry light and comfortable clothing but also keep a jacket in case it gets chilly.


    If you are going for trekking, you should always keep medical supplies and a first aid kit handy and sports shoes to assist you walk on these rough terrains.

  7. What will be the cost of trekking in Coorg?

    There is a different cost associated with each trek available in Coorg. However the average cost is about INR 3,500 per person for trekking.

  8. Is it safe to do trekking in Coorg?

    Yes, Coorg is one of the most preferred places in India for trekking and it is safe to undertake this activity here. But we recommend you to not go trekking alone and take a guide when you are trekking for the first time.

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The experience was awesome! This was the first trek for my sister and me. The trek co-ordinaries Habeeb, Avinash & Shaid were very very helpful & friendly and the group we went with was awesome! The homestay was situated amidst the coffee plantations, very beautiful, quiet and serene. The food and accommodation were really good. We started out the trek in the morning were in it had already started to drizzle. There the whole pathway is beautiful with green all around and waterfalls here and there. The first half of the trek was kind of easy but the 2nd half was quite hard for me and it was also raining, but the guides were so helpful and encouraging, I don’t think I could have managed to reach the peak without their help! Coming back down from the peak was a totally different experience, Habeeb the trek guide took us on a thrilling ride down the mountain where we literally ran down through the rocks and glided through the sludge. It was a fun new experience and we absolutely loved it. Tadiandamol is no doubt beautiful and is a very different experience during the rains. The next day on our journey back to Bangalore we visited the beautiful Golden temple and had several photo op sessions on the way. Organisers are trekking pros who are young, thrilling and friendly, they know how to get a group together, you guys rock! This is a trek experience you would never regret.
25 October 2019
Wonderful experience in kumaraparvatha. Really it's a challenging trek for beginners. Personally I want to thank Danny and Abishek for pushing everyone and making it an awesome trek. Thank you thrillophilia
Wow....It was a great trek. I must say Thanks to Thrillophilia and Special thanks to trekking team. We have enjoyed every moment of these 2 days and we will cherish these moments for our lifetime.The trek was not easy as we thought. Lot of sweat, efforts, rest breaks in between...But it wouldn't have been this much great, if it was not planned and executed the way the team did. Hats off to the guys Anjan and Harshit. They used their experience all the way. Set up a detailed, organized plan and executed the same very professionally. I can say, we are able to complete the trek with ease only because of their precision planning and execution. We enjoyed the trek as a whole and it would be difficult pick a few from the whole list. But I have tried to select the few activities/incidents/plans which made the big difference: 1) Tasty Home food: When you are sweating every step of the trek and Hungry like never before, only thing you want is tasty, healthy, sufficient home made food. Team provided all this at the right time. It was not the case for other teams. 2) Professional Planning: First day we trekked only half way took rest for the second half. And the next day, we started very early at 3 AM with the torch light. This was the the master plan, because under the Sun it is very difficult to trek KP. 3) It was like a family trip: We never felt Anjan and Harshit were outside people. They have treated, instructed, take care of us very well. 4) Proper Instructions: Team told us what to carry and what not to carry. They have briefed the detailed the plan well before. Given enough time for relaxing and they were very friendly in their behavior. 5) Personal Touch: Anjan has given his personal touch for every activity. He could have easily told to have food in Bhattara Mane. He could have told it is not possible to prepare Bajji and Papad on the mountains. But they have treated us like a family, did all the above and put is best efforts to make us happy. And early morning at 3AM prepared Ragi Malt to keep all of us energetic hike the mountain. 6) Enough: I have already written so many words. I will stop here. To put it in one word, the trekking was outstanding, simply superb and if you are passionate about trekking please try once. But better if you join the same tour operator as ours. They make it easy. They are very passionate and professional. All the best.
06 December 2019
Kumara Pravatha Trek is one of my bucket list. I have never done any trekking before KP. This was my first trek with group of know and unknown people . The difficulty level of Trek is difficult if you are begginers like me . From Kukke to Buttermane , the trek route is very difficult but after that the route is amazing , surrounded by scenic beauty , golden colour grasses , cold breeze of wind. Truly amazing. Overall experience amazing and special thank to Danni , our trek coordinator. He was very nice and caring to everyone . He made sure that his group people would not left behind or face any kind of difficulty.
"great experience. well planned by organisers"
30 December 2020
I must say it was overall a great experience. Trek guide Srinidhi arranged everything properly, we didn't have to worry about anything regarding a stay or the food. The tent provided was clean and well maintained. Met very friendly and nice people. Looking forward to the future to trek with this team.
Challenging trek but amazing one nonetheless. The company was great . I went as a solo female traveler and ended up making some good friends on the trek . It is very safe and a whole lot of fun. The views were brilliant.
16 December 2020
Good evening everyone. It was a wonderful trip and a nice experience with you all. I would like to thank _Roshan, Rajeev, Amit, Harsha, Shobia, Kalyani, Mallappa and Shravani_ for making my experience better. I would like to thank *God* for making our trip successful and safe. Hope for more interesting n knowledgeable experience with you all. Thanks for being you. God bless you. Rgrd, Pawan Prasoon.
15 March 2020
Our guide was a nice and knowledgeable person, we enjoyed his company during the entire trek, he was explain everything so nicely and ore importantly he maintained the speed as per the group and managed to keep up on the clock too. the food was not so luxurious but was good and fresh so we also enjoyed it, overall a very nice experience, whenever I come here, will do it again. Thanks.
09 March 2020
It was our first time trekking and we chose Thrillophilia for the best reviews and also the budget suits us as compare to other websites. It was a completely unique experience although I am a sports person so I haven’t faced difficulty the guide helped almost all of the co-passengers, cheers to them and for trekking and camping.

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