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Kayaking in Coorg


Indulge in an enthralling experience of Kayaking in Coorg that will take you past the sparkling crystal clear water of the Western ghats. Coorg not only offers you the majestic view and beauty of nature but also serves as a perfect spot for adventure sports and activities.Kayaking in Coorg lets you go through 20 minutes of great amusement and fun which would surely help you make unlimited memories. Enjoy this adventure-filled activity with your family and loved ones while glorifying your eyes with the beautiful view of lush green gardens all around you.

351 Ratings


351 Ratings

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15 September 2015
Canoeing is something I have tried only in Kerala, when my friends wanted to try it in Coorg, we were sceptical. However, if you go during the right season then this is the best thing one can do in Coorg. While rafting is all fun, this is blissful in a pleasant way.
09 September 2015
I am so happy with the whole canoeing package which we took. It helped us ease a lot of things. For starters it made our schedules so very easy. We just had to go and report there. There was no delay in waiting in lines, buying passes or anything. It was all well scheduled and planned. Secondly, the weather was very supportive and pleasing during the whole trip. Also, the canoeing was something that I never thought would be fun, but it indeed was super fun.
28 August 2015
It was nice canoeing session. We were a team of 6 people,and everybody enjoyed every bit of it .A good and serene experience one can have here,if you want a break from your daily life.
16 March 2016
Pros: It was inexpensive and well in budget. It started right on schedule and as per plan. The organizers informed us well in advance about canoeing and stuffs we need to carry or ditch before doing it. The weather was very much pleasing. Cons: There are no negatives that I could think from the top of my mind about this whole trip or the canoeing session. I am definitely recommending this to everyone.
07 February 2016
It was a really good session. The waters were clear and good for canoeing. As most of my friends didn’t join in the rafting session, we made them come for canoeing and it was just the best. I am so happy to choose this package.
28 May 2016
Went with my cousins for our first ever canoeing trip and we had a lot of fun! visited Madikeri and headed to Kushalnagar as well. Had a lot of fun during this canoeing trip and we look forward to another trip!
24 May 2016
Went to Kakkabe for canoeing and had a blast! The place is beautiful and the lake shimmers the whole time we rowed our canoes after some basic sessions!
16 May 2016
Very Good
It was a satisfactory trip overall. We had a nice trip in Coorg and we took this canoeing thing to add on some fun element to our laid back, leisure trip, and it was good.
The trip was inexpensive. The canoeing session was very good. The nature was so pleasant and brilliant. It was a very serene experience.
03 April 2016
It was worth the money spent. Overall, we had a really nice trip at Coorg. This canoeing thing was like icing on the cake,the view and the natural surroundings just takes away your breath.A good day out activity to do with family.