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Colombo Tour Packages

Duration Price
6 Days Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour with Water Sports 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 29000.0
Sri Lanka Tour Package From Delhi 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 30000.0
Sri Lanka Tour Package from Mumbai 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 30000.0
Cordelia Cruise | Chennai-Hambantota-Colombo-Kochi 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 94216.0
Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour Package 8 Days / 7 Nights ₹ 22000.0

Colombo Tour Package

Colombo Tour Package - Browse through a wide range of Colombo Holiday Packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Colombo Packages with exciting deals & offers.

Thrillophilia creates some of the best packages for your inner wanderlust. In this  Colombo Tour Packages, you will be exploring the finest of Colombo with experienced guides and smooth and hassle-free transfers. Experience the best Colombo has to offer. Get an opportunity to visit the Gangaramaya temples, the Independence Memorial Hall, National Museum of Colombo, the Colombo Lotus Tower, Seema Malakaya, Wolvendaal Church and so much more.

Your Colombo Holiday Packages have something for everyone. Whether you are a family man with children, a solo traveler, or on your honeymoon, the Thrillophilia holiday packages cater to your every need. You also have the option to customize your packages according to your convenience. If you wish to spend more days in this tourist haven, you can personalise your itinerary with Thrillophilia so that the experts can curate unique packages that are meant only for you to enjoy.

You can also let the tour guides know about your special requests so that they would be able to give their best in order to give you that cherishable experience. Come experience the best of Colombo with brilliantly curated itineraries and embrace the pleasant tropical vibes of this beautiful capital city.

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6 Days Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour with Water Sports


Meals Included
Stay Included
Sri Lanka is one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in the world. The island nation offers serene and secluded spaces to people looking to spend quality time with their loved ones and offers an assortment of places to see from rolling green mountains, lakes, natural forest sanctuaries, ancient heritage temples, waterfalls, lush tea plantations, and opulent & modern buildings.The travelers love the weather in Sri Lanka. Couples love to stroll amidst the gentle sea breeze, warm sunshine, and the occasional downpours. The native Sri Lankans are warm, friendly, and inviting that making the travelers feel welcomed and relaxed.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 38,158

₹ 29,000 per Adult

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Sri Lanka Tour Package From Delhi


2D Kandy 1D Nuwara Eliya 2D Bentota 1D Colombo
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

110 Ratings


110 Ratings

₹ 40,000

₹ 30,000 per Adult

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Sri Lanka Tour Package from Mumbai


2D Kandy 1D Nuwara Eliya 2D Bentota 2D Colombo
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

132 Ratings


132 Ratings

₹ 45,000

₹ 30,000 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Chennai-Hambantota-Colombo-Kochi
4 guests


Instant confirmation
Meals Included
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Meeting Location: Island Grounds, Flag Staff Road, Port Trust Officers Quarters, Sathya Nagar, Chennai Port Trust, Chennai, Tamilnadu, 60009Departure Dates (2023): 23 SeptemberDuration: 6 Days 7 5 NightsNote: The departure location of Cordelia Cruise might change depending on the weather conditions.About the Cordelia Cruise:Embark on an amazing journey from Chennai to Kochi via Hambantota & Colombo on the lavish Cordelia Cruise. Stay in well-maintained rooms which are furnished with essential amenities to provide comfort throughout the trip. Spend a memorable evening as you enjoy a range of musical shows and dance performances at the Marquee Theatre. With a range of amazing facilities like a spa, fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, theatre, food court, restaurants & bar, the cruise provides an unforgettable experience. Book the Cordelia Cruise, sit on the open deck area, and take in the outstanding views of the blue ocean.Facilities:Dining: Enjoy delicious Indian and International cuisines in the Food court & various restaurants on the ship.Casino: Play various games at the casino with your friends and try your luck.Bar: Have a drink of the finest liquors including cocktails and spirits at various bars i.e. Chairman's Club, Connexions, & Pool Bar.Fitness Center: Visit the fully equipped fitness center at the cruise and complete your workout sessions during the journey.Theatre: Spend an amazing evening enjoying outstanding programs at the Marquee Theatre, including magical shows, musical performances, and more.Spa: Rejuvenate your body with a pampering treatment while enjoying the panoramic views of the sea at Spa & Salon.Kid's Play Area: Visit the playing area known as Cordelia Academy with your little ones where they will enjoy playing a range of fun-filled games.Gaming Zone: Get involved in some old-fashioned video games at the fantastic gaming zone, Challenger Video Arcade.Reading Zone: Spend time in the peaceful ambiance of the Reading Zone, take in the breathtaking views of the surroundings, and enjoy reading your favorite book.

27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 140,621

₹ 94,216 per Adult

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Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
With the Ramayana tour package of Sri Lanka, you can get an opportunity to discover the mythological and historical sites that have their mentions in the Hindu epic of Ramayana.

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 27,500

₹ 22,000 per Adult

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Sri Lanka Tour Package From India


Meals Included
Stay Included
Bestowed with beautiful beaches, hills, forests, climate, food and whatnot, Sri Lanka is a tropical island located in the southern part of Asia. Lined with pine trees and home to an abundance of greenery, this country has been inviting people to visit its beautiful places for ages.

110 Ratings


110 Ratings

₹ 25,974

₹ 20,000 per Adult

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Colombo Tour Package From Hyderabad


Meals Included
Stay Included
Lying just southward of India, the island nation of Sri Lanka is renowned for its vibrant culture and heritage. Designed to offer a quick glimpse of the fantastic country, the Colombo tour package from Hyderabad takes one across two of Sri Lanka’s biggest destinations- Kandy and Colombo.Thriving with heritage marvels and modernist landmarks alike, the capital city of Colombo beckons every avid traveller to itself. Kandy, on the other hand, is known for its fantastic natural beauty. Brimming with plantations and forests, Kandy’s brilliant beauty is manifested in its little lakes and ancient temples. Offering the best of both, this fantastic package makes sure you get a glimpse of Sri Lanka at its best.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 39,727

₹ 29,000 per Adult

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5 Days Sri Lanka Tour Package


Meals Included
Stay Included
Formerly called Ceylon, Sri Lanka is an island country located in the Indian Ocean off the Indian Southern coast with the Bay of Bengal in its east and the Laccadive Sea in its west. With a 5 days tour package Sri Lanka you get to make the most of an incredible array of environments to experience and enjoy.You can have a whale of a time with the safari experiences in the country’s large parks filled with elephants, namely Udawalawe; and revel in the beauty of the awe-inspiring outdoor landscapes like that of Sigiriya which features an intricate city complex atop a massive rock.Sri Lanka is quite the beach lover’s paradise ringed by some of the most glorious beaches. For starters, the beach of Hikkaduwa, lets you have a whale of fun with all sorts of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and bodyboarding. Beyond its amazing wildlife, verdant meadows, ancient culture, and luscious food, the island nation has a lot to discover. 

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 50,000

₹ 35,000 per Adult

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Colombo Bentota Tour Package


Nestled on the Indian ocean, the island nation of Sri Lanka offers everything from beaches to modern architectural wonders. Touring across some of the country’s best destinations, the Colombo Bentota tour package seeks to provide one with a full sense of the country’s beauty.Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, has much to offer in terms of history and culture. Bentota, on the other hand, is a beachside paradise, priding in its unnatural primitive beauty. The tour package makes a short excursion to the little town of Mirissa as well, known widely for its fantastic coastal ambiance and nightlife.

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 28,267

₹ 21,200 per Adult

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Sri Lanka Tour Package For Family


1D Bandaranaike International Airport 1D Kandy 2D Bentota
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included

80 Ratings


80 Ratings

₹ 50,000

₹ 35,000 per Adult

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4 Days Sri Lanka Tour Package


1D Bentota 1D Mirissa 2D Colombo
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 29,136

₹ 18,499 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Colombo Tours

  1. Which are the best places to visit on Colombo tour?

    1. Gangaramaya Temple - The Gangaramaya Temple, one of Colombo's most important religious sites, is included in your Colombo Tour Packages. The temple is a stunning sight, blending Chinese, Indian, and Thai architectural elements. It is a beautiful sight and one of Colombo's most prominent monuments. For decades, it has drawn a large number of visitors, both residents and tourists.
    Location: Gangaramaya Temple, 61 Sri Jinarathana Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Price: 300 LKR for foreigners 
    Timings: 05:30 AM to 10:00 PM

    2. Viharamahadevi Park -
    Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo's largest park, is a must-see tourist attraction during the Colombo Tour Package. Picnic areas, waterfalls, a public park, a zoo, nature paths, and much more may be found here. It is ideal for nature enthusiasts, as well as families with children. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to this location because of its peaceful atmosphere.
    Location: Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
    Price: 20 LKR for an adult and 10 LKR for children
    Timings: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM everyday

    3. Independence Memorial Hall -
    If you want to experience the true essence of Colombo’s patriotic feelings, the Independence Memorial Hall is the best place to visit in your Colombo Tour Packages. The hall, which was built to commemorate the country's independence from British control, holds Independence Day parades and other major events every year. There is also a museum in the vicinity, dedicated to the brave soldiers who fought for the nation.
    Location: 7, Independence Avenue, Colombo

    4. National Museum of Colombo -
    This is Sri Lanka's largest museum which is unquestionably the country's pride. Some of the greatest collections of the Kandyan dynasty monarchs are exhibited at this grand museum. The museum also features a spectacular representation of Italian style architecture. The exhibitions of relics going back several centuries, representing the country's history and heritage, and is one of the most popular ones to look out for when visiting Colombo.
    Location: Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
    Price: Entrance with camera is LKR 250 and video camera is LKR 2000.
    Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, every day

    5. Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque -
    Jami Ul-Afar is a magnificent mosque that is well liked by both residents and visitors. The red and white patterned mosque makes it distinguished among every other landmark of Colombo. The mosque is among Colombo's numerous culturally significant sites because of the building’s dreamlike fusion of Indian, Indo-Islamic, Neoclassical, and Gothic influences. It is an cultural gem and is a part of your Colombo Tour Packages.
    Location: No.228, Second Cross Street, 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, from Saturday to Thursday

    6. Beira Lake -
    Beira lake has captured the hearts of tourists since its very existence. It is located close to the Gangaramaya Temple, hence you can take a quick peek of the temple as well when visiting Beira lake. It is a very well loved spot for bird watching activity as well photography, considering the natural setting of the place. It is also famous for rowing and other activities. You could easily set up a nearby picnic and have a great time. 
    Location: 02 Colombo, Near Seema Malaka, Colombo

    7. Seema Malakaya -
    If you are looking to get away from the hustle bustle of life, Seema Malakaya is the perfect place for you in the Colombo Tour Packages. The fusion of Indian, Thai, Sri Lankan and Chinese architecture and the tropical vibe of this island temple attracts many Instagram influencers and photographers alike. The influenced architecture of the different cultures aims to bring about peace in the different religions.
    Location: Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Price: 300 LKR for foreigners 

    8. Colombo Lotus Tower -
    The Colombo Lotus Tower, approximately 350 meters tall, is one of Colombo's most distinctive monuments. The flower's name is reflected in the structure's top. The tower acts as a transmission center, with the goal of boosting transmission and broadcast quality. Lotus Tower has observation decks, shopping malls, restaurants, etc in addition to its core purpose. It's one of Colombo's lesser known tourist attractions which is a part of the Colombo Holiday Packages.
    Location:  Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Price:  20 US dollars for a tourist

    9. Wolvendaal Church -
    The Wolvendaal Church, Sri Lanka's most recognizable example of Dutch architectural style, was built in 1749. The fact that it is designed like a Greek cross is one of the features that distinguishes it from the others in your Colombo Tour Packages. The church's intriguing history, along with its distinctive construction, has captivated visitors from around the world. It's one of Colombo's most remarkable and beloved tourist attractions.
    Location: Wolfendhal Lane, Colombo 01300, Sri Lanka
    Timings: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM everyday

    10. Old Parliament Building -
    The Old Parliament Building has been one of Colombo's most intriguing tourist destinations if history and politics are the fields which interest you. The Old Parliament Building in Colombo is one of the country's most significant government buildings. Neo-baroque architectural styles are reflected in the design. There are several stories that contribute to the building's fame, making it a very popular office. 
    Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

  2. What are the best things to do during the Colombo tour?

    1. Pray at Gangaramaya Temple - The Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of Colombo's most important religious sites. Take a spiritual walk in the temple premises and pray to the deities of the temple. It is indeed an impressive sight in the Colombo Tour Packages, combining aspects of Chinese, Indian, and Thai architecture. It is one of the most important landmarks of Colombo and is a sight to behold. It has attracted a swarm of people to its premises, both locals and tourists, for decades now.
    Location - Gangaramaya Temple, 61 Sri Jinarathana Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Price - 300 LKR for foreigners 
    Timings: 05:30 AM to 10:00 PM

    2. Golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club -
    Golfing at the Royal Colombo Golf Club is one of the most popular pastime activities available in Colombo. It is a historical landmark in Sri Lanka as it is a sporting facility built by the British for golfers. The Royal Golf Colombo Golf Club, founded in 1880, is Sri Lanka's earliest golf club and a fun location to unwind on weekends and make new friends. The golf club's open, friendly ambience tempts you to a lavish luncheon or small gathering.
    Location: Model Farm Road, Colombo
    Price - $85 on weekdays and $105 on weekends
    Timings: ClubHouse remains open from 6AM-11PM and the admin office from 8AM-5PM

    3. Hike to Viharamahadevi Park -
    Visit the largest park of Colombo in your Colombo Tour Packages, the Viharamahadevi Park. It is a fantastic place for picnic spots, waterfalls, a public park, a zoo, nature trails for hikes, and much more. It is the perfect place for nature lovers as well families with kids and couples. The relaxing aura of this place attracts locals and tourists alike.
    Location: Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
    Price: 20 LKR for an adult and 10 LKR for children
    Timings: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM everyday

    4. Play At Casinos of Colombo -
    Try your luck at one of the numerous high end casinos of Colombo in your Colombo Holiday Packages. Some of the famous casinos at Colombo are Bally’s Casino, MGM Colombo, The Ritz Club and Stardust Casino. These casinos also offer live performances by notable singers and artists all over Sri Lanka. It also offers mouth watering appetizers which will surely leave your taste buds wanting for more. 
    Timings: Most of the casinos remain open for 24x7 days.

    5. Visit the National Museum -
    One of the most important cultural institutions in the nation of Sri Lanka is the National Museum. You'll be delighted to spot a smiling Buddha statue dating from the 9th century after entering the museum. Artifacts, statues and relics from the colonial period, as well as swords, palettes, and other mementos, are exhibited in the museum. After rambling around the museum's many galleries, you may rest and have a beverage in the museum cafeteria's calm and pleasant environment. It is an important tourist spot in your Colombo Tour Packages.
    Location: Albert Crescent, Colombo
    Price: RF 50 for adults and RF 15 for children
    Timings: 9 AM- 5 PM

    6. Get mesmerized by the Beira Lake -
    Beira lake has captured the hearts of tourists since its very existence. It is located close to the Gangaramaya Temple, hence you can take a quick peek of the temple as well when visiting Beira lake. It is a very well loved spot for bird watching activity as well photography, considering the natural setting of the place. It is also famous for rowing and other activities. You could easily set up a nearby picnic and have a great time. 
    Location: 02 Colombo, Near Seema Malaka, Colombo

    7. Witness the Jami Ul Alfar Mosque -
    Your trip to Colombo cannot be complete without visiting the unique ‘candy’ design of the Jami Ul Alfar Mosque. Jami Ul-Afar is a magnificent mosque that is visited by both residents and visitors. The red and white patterned mosque makes it distinguished among every other landmark of Colombo. The mosque is among Colombo's numerous culturally significant sites because the building is a dreamlike fusion of Indian, Indo-Islamic, Neoclassical, and Gothic influences. It is an cultural gem and is a part of the Colombo Holiday Packages.
    Location: No.228, Second Cross Street, 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, from Saturday to Thursday

    8. Unwind at the Seema Malakaya -
    If you are looking to get away from the hustle bustle of life, Seema Malakaya is the perfect place for you in your Colombo Packages. The fusion of Indian, Thai, Sri Lankan and Chinese architecture and the tropical vibe of this island temple attracts many Instagram influencers and photographers alike. The influenced architecture of the different cultures aims to bring about peace in the different religions.
    Location: Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Price - 300 LKR for foreigners 
    Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

    9. Scuba Diving in the Sri Lankan waters -
    Scuba diving is one of the top things to do in the Colombo Holiday Packages if you've a taste for adventurous activities while on vacation. Large coral reefs, abundant greenery and diverse aquatic life make the city a popular diving destination for thrill seekers. The Chief Dragon, Pecheur Breton, and T. Sierra are the greatest diving places, with anthias, coral reefs, black coral trees, and marine life. However, scuba diving in Colombo is better left to experienced divers, as some structural issues may prevent beginners from having a completely fun time.
    Locations - Chief Dragon, Pecheur Breton and T. Sierra
    Timings: Diving season starts from November-Mid April. 

    10. Shop at the Paradise Road -
    Shopping is one of the most enjoyable and must do activities on any vacation, particularly if you are visiting Sri Lanka, which offers a plethora of items to entice you. Paradise Road on Dharmapala Mawatha is a shopping area with a variety of labeled things like gift items, crockery sets, home decor, crafts, clothing and accessories, and more. It is an essential halt for shopaholic travelers looking for souvenirs and other items during their Colombo vacation to take back home.
    Location: 213, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo
    Timings:  10AM- 7PM

  3. Which are the best water sports activities to explore in Colombo?

    1. Scuba Diving: Hikkaduwa, in the south, is the most popular scuba diving location. For your visual pleasure, it features a variety of natural reefs and sunken ships. This island offers it all, whether you're doing it for the first time or want a certificate. Swimming in the warm waves of the Indian Ocean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll see a wide range of marine life and be able to cross a number of them off your list. Sri Lanka offers it all, from enormous blue whales to nudibranchs.

    2. Snorkeling: 
    Snorkeling is the sport for you if you are not comfortable with scuba diving but still want to feel the excitement of the Indian Ocean. The Bar Reef, Sri Lanka's biggest reef, is a must-see. The months of April to May are ideal for snorkelling in Sri Lanka. You'll see a variety of creatures, get a taste of undersea life, and make memories that last a lifetime.

    3. Kayaking: 
    With your pals, rent a kayak and paddle down the river to indulge in one of the most sought after activities. Kayaking on the river is very safe and a lot of fun. Along the shoreline, you could observe some animals or perhaps come face to face with an elephant. The Kalu Ganga is ideal for kayakers, and it is also not overly commercialized. So relax and enjoy the calm waters of the Indian Ocean while on vacation.

    4. Kitesurfing: 
    Kitesurfing is a must-do activity in Sri Lanka, whether you're a real veteran or a beginner. In Sri Lanka, the best place to go kitesurfing in Kalpitiya. The majority of them are IKO certified trainers who will provide you with safety guidelines as well as the necessary equipment. For those who have never attempted this sport before, this is a fantastic opportunity.

  4. Which are the beaches to visit in Colombo?

    1. Hikkaduwa Beach - Hikkaduwa is one of Sri Lanka's most famous beaches. The coasts are dotted with some of the most popular resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars of Colombo. The beach is ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the city's nightlife and dance throughout the night.

    2. Negombo Beach
    - Negombo is the ideal place for a relaxing day in the sun if you really are seeking for gorgeous Colombo beaches. Negombo is a beautiful seaside town approximately an hour outside of Colombo. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, and fishing are among the fascinating water sports offered at the beach park.

    3. Kalpitiya Beach -
    Early morning, take a boat journey to Kalpitiya Beach to see whales, dolphins, and other sea animals and play in the beautiful waters of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is 160 kilometers from Colombo, but once you come and see what it has to offer, you will agree that it is well worth the visit. This is without a question one of Colombo's nicest beaches for a holiday.

  5. What is the best time to visit Colombo?

    If you want to experience the finest Colombo has to offer, visit the beautiful place between December and March and July and September. The weather is very pleasant and suitable for a plethora of activities. The peak tourist season in Colombo is December and hence you could book your Colombo Packages at this time of the year.

  6. How to reach Colombo?

    Major airlines service this route from India to Sri Lanka, which is the most common method to reach Colombo from India. The airport is around 32 kilometers from Colombo, and getting there by car takes more than 45 minutes on average. Colombo has extensive train connections, allowing visitors to get to all nearby tourist destinations.

  7. How much does it cost to travel to Colombo from India?

    For one individual, a one week holiday in Sri Lanka costs around LKR46,888 (INR 17200). As a result, a one week vacation to Sri Lanka for two persons will cost roughly LKR93,776 (INR 34300). Sri Lanka costs LKR187,551 (INR 68700)for a two week vacation for 2 people.

  8. What is Colombo famous for?

    Colombo is a major Indian Ocean port located on the peninsula's west coast and is the capital of Sri Lanka. It is home to one of the nation's biggest artificial port cities, which manages the majority of Sri Lanka's international trade.

  9. How many days are enough for Colombo?

    A journey to Colombo with your Colombo Packages should last 7 to 9 days in order to see all of the country's key attractions. The Gangaramaya temple, Beira Lake, Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, the National Museum, and other significant tourist sites are also worth seeing.
  10. How much does a visa for Colombo cost?

    Indian visitors entering Sri Lanka must submit for an entry visa, which costs Rs4,500 and takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

  11. What are the best things to do during the Colombo tour?

    1. Visit Colombo Dutch Museum: Exploring the large building of the Colombo Dutch Museum is the best thing to do during the Colombo tour. The walk around the place will take you back to the time when Colombo was ruled by the Dutch people. The museum building also has a courtyard that provides a shade to the tourists traveling during the summers. After stepping into the museum, you will find documents, furniture, coins, paintings, glassware, and other artifacts of the Dutch colonial era. It offers a substantial idea of the period of Dutch rule in Sri Lanka.

    Location:CPP Building, Prince Street, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka
    Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

    2. Explore the Pettah: Strolling around the streets of Pettah is the best experience to take in the culture of Colombo. It is a great place to enjoy street shopping with your friends and family. There are a plethora of shops, markets, and stalls that sell everything from clothes to electronics. One of the best ways to explore the Pettah is to take a taxi or tuk-tuk until the end and stroll through the pathways to find the best things in the tiny street shops. You can also take souvenirs back home at every place of Colombo tourism packages. 

    Location:W E Bastian Mawatha, Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka
    Timing: 8 am to 10.30 pm

    3. Try your luck at Casino: Are you looking for some exciting things to do on your Colombo trip? You can try your luck at Casino. You will feel a rush of adrenaline in your body while playing casino games and enjoying the live musical performances by Sri Lankan musicians and artists. If your Colombo packages include a visit to Casino, it is advisable not to miss a chance to taste the exotic gourmet seafood served by the casinos. Seafood is a great way to quench the thirst of your taste buds. The most popular casinos of Colombo include The Ritz Club, Stardust Casino, MGM Colombo, and the Bally’s Casino.

    4. Eat Seafood at Mt Lavinia Beach: Mt Lavinia Beach is situated in the western province of Colombo positioned at the center of Mt Lavinia. There are several restaurants and pubs along the seashore. However, the exotic seafood at Mt Lavinia Beach is a great thing to relish. The lagoon pawns and a wide variety of sea fish look like a treat to the hungry stomachs. The spiciness and piping hotness of the seafood is best to calm down with the chilled beer. Other specialties served at Mt Lavinia Beach include Okra cheese, cuttlefish, and King Prawns with fried rice.

    Location: Western Province, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    5. Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving remains the other best thing to do while exploring the beaches included in the Colombo travel packages. It is a great thing if you want to explore underwater marine life. The best sighting also consists of coral reefs, wrecks, fish life, and black coral trees. If you are fond of underwater photography, scuba diving in Colombo offers you the opportunity to fulfill your dream. The tourists may also discover Napoleon fish, crocodile fish, panther turbos, and white-eared moray into the shallow water. The PADI dive center and training center provides the best experience to beginners as well.

    Timing: 7 am to 4 pm

    6. Take the City tour on a bus: Your journey will be incomplete if your Colombo tourism packages do not include a city tour. You can enjoy a bus ride to the most splendid and colorful open deck bus that will take you around the city. This city tour on a bus will take you on a journey to explore the charms of Colombo. It is one of the best things to do in Colombo if you are tired of walking. Therefore, it provides unmatched experiences and a complete view of both the Old and New of Sri Lanka.

    7. Have fun at Leisure World Water Park: Leisure World Water Park takes the inner child out of you. It is a fun park for both kids and adults. The water park offers several water slides and amusement activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. There are special rides that are exclusive to the children. The exclusive rides of adults included in the Colombo packages consist of Wave Pool, Aqua Trail, Kiddies Pool, Boomerang Slide, Lazy River, Multi-Lane, and Thunder Cruise. Thus, having fun at Leisure World Water Park will leave you astonished with its thrilling roller coaster rides.

    Location: Avissawella Rd, Hanwella, Sri Lanka
    Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

    8. Go for White water rafting: Rafting on white river water is an amazing experience one can dream of. Kitulgala is one of the famous spots to go for white water rafting in Colombo. It offers a feeling of adrenaline rush while moving on the river on a raft. This one-of-a-kind experience gives you all the pleasures that you are looking for in a vacation of Colombo tour packages. The trainers and professional rafters will provide you with all the training before going for white river rafting. After river rafting, you can curb your hunger in Kithulgala for a contemporary Sri Lankan lunch.

    Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

    9. Shopping: Shopping is the most enjoyable activity to do in Colombo. There are plenty of things in Colombo which will allure you. Shopping at the Liberty Plaza, Majestic City, Odel, and street shopping at local markets will never make you tired. There is an endless choice for tourist shopping in Colombo. You can also take souvenirs back home to cherish the memories spent in Colombo for a lifetime. The wide variety of things like sarees, Ceylon tea, gems, jewelry, handloom, and much more reflect the raw culture of Sri Lanka.

    Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Timing: 8 am to 10.30 pm
  12. How is the nightlife in Colombo?

    1. Bally’s Casino: When we think of nightlife in Colombo, Bally’s is one of the first things that comes to our mind. A wide variety of tourists visit this place at night to associate themselves with trust, respect, warmth, and hospitality. It offers an authentic gaming experience to the players.

    2. Rhythm And Blues Nightclub: 
    Rhythm and Blues is a welcoming and pleasant party place at night in Colombo. The interiors of this nightclub provide a chilled-out vibe, and the menu offers some of the best drinks and finger foods. If you are fond of live musical performances, it is a great place to enjoy yourself with your friends all night.

    3. Bellagio Casino: Bellagio Casino is situated at the heart of the city. The perfect atmosphere at Bellagio Casino adds an enjoyable turn to the nightlife in Colombo. Since it is the most enjoyable thing to do at night in Colombo, you are expected to play your luck in the Three Card Poker, Black Jack, and Roulette.

    4. ON 14 Rooftop Bar & Lounge: ON 14 Rooftop Bar & Lounge offers a luxurious treat to friends and family groups. It gives an exceptional view of the nightlife in Colombo with plenty of food and drink options. Thus, the bar and lounge is the best place to enjoy the serene atmosphere at night beside the seashore.
  13. What is the best time to visit Colombo?

    Colombo is a destination that can be visited any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Colombo is the dry season which is between January to March, and during the sporadic rains from November to February. It is the ideal time for the tourists to enjoy sightseeing in Colombo due to less humidity in the weather.
  14. What is Colombo famous for?

    Colombo is famous for its modern life, colonial buildings, and monuments. It features melting pots of races, religions, and cultures. The broad range of shiny hotels, stunning museums, gardens and beautiful red-tiled colonial buildings makes Colombo one of the most famous cities for travelling.
  15. How is the weather in Colombo?

    The weather in Colombo is mostly hot, wet, and humid all year round. It receives ample rainfall between April to May and September to November. The city enjoys an average temperature ranging from 24°C (75°F) to 30°C (87°F) the entire year.
  16. How to reach Colombo?

    - By Air: One can reach Colombo by landing at Sri Lanka's only international airport, Bandaranaike International Airport, situated in Katunayake. The air route to Bandaranaike international airport is very well-connected to India, and parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. 
    - By Train: Colombo is well-connected to places that include Badulla, Matthe he tara, Kankesanturai, and Talaimannar through the train. Although it is crowded, the train is one of the cheapest routes for the Colombo trip.
    - By Road: One can travel to Colombo by bus as it connects the city with the airport and other places of interest in Sri Lanka. The Central Bus Stand in the city is the center point for all the buses coming in and going out of Colombo.
  17. How many days are enough for a Colombo tour?

    When it comes to how many days to spend on a Colombo tour, it is advisable to have a fun-filled vacation for around one week. Within this period, you will explore all the best places in Colombo and enjoy the best things to do in Colombo with your friends and family. But if you are short on time then you can explore the major attractions in 2-3 days as well.
  18. What are the famous things to buy from Colombo?

    - Gems and Jewelry
    - Ceylon tea
    - Selyn or Odel sarees
    - Barefoot, selyn, and odel sarongs
    - Elephant and Buddha idols
    - Ayurvedic Beauty Products
    - Spices
    - Silks
    - Cotton
    - Raksha Masks
    - Batik Print Fabric
    - Handlooms
    - Moonstone Carvings
    - Dunbara products
    - Sri Lankan lace
    - Porcelain tableware
    - Lacquerware
    - Jams and Chutneys
  19. Do we need a visa for Colombo?

    Yes, you require a visa to explore Colombo. One can enjoy the Colombo tour packages when they have a valid visa issued by the Department of Immigration, Emigration, Colombo, Sri Lanka. You can apply for Sri Lanka ETA online and receive the message of approval through email.
  20. What is the famous food to try in Colombo?

    The foods in Colombo are diverse and fully packed with flavors and spices. The famous foods to try in Colombo are rice and curry, watalappan, kiribath (milk rice), idiyappam, isso vadai, koththu roti, and king coconut.
  21. Which are the best beaches in Colombo?

    1. Negombo Beach: One of the most famous beaches in Colombo tourism packages, Negombo Beach is considered the best to enjoy a lazy day under the sun. It is an hour away from Colombo and is known for amazing water sports like scuba diving, kite surfing, and snorkeling.

    2. Hikkaduwa Beach: 
    Hikkaduwa beach is 300 km south of Colombo, where the country's most lively resorts, hotels, bars, and restaurants are lined up. If you want to experience the city's amazing nightlife, you should add it to the list of Colombo packages. It is because the top DJs from all around the world perform and entertain the tourists the entire night.

    3. UnawatunaBeach: Unawatuna Beach is situated near the Fort of Galle and restricts you from the city's noise and crowds. Experience of the memorable view of the sea and sea turtles early in the morning will give you the peace you always desired.
  22. What are the best adventurous things to do in Colombo?

    1. Blue Whale Watching: Blue Whale watching is one of the extremely adventurous activities to do in Colombo. You can witness the beautiful sea animals in Colombo's Bentota and Koggala. It is also the best place for scuba diving. During the tour, you will also witness glimpses of whales.

    2. 360- degree View Of Colombo In An Airplane:
     You can have an adventurous tour of Colombo by air. The Cinnamon Air Scenic Flights will provide you an unforgettable view of beautiful islands in and around Colombo within a 20 minutes ride.

    3. Elephant Safari: Elephant safari in Habarana is another adventurous thing included in the Colombo travel packages. It is the center point of the herds of wild elephants inside the National Parks of Minneriya and Kaudulla. In the trip of four hours, you will get to witness the villages, jungles, swamps, and rivers in the back of an elephant.

    4. Mountain Trekking: Tourists can go trekking in Sri Lanka's second-highest mountain, Kirigalpoththa. The adventurous and exciting trek starts from Horton Plain National Park at around 6:30 am. You can do a lot of things and relax during these 5 hours of trekking.
  23. Which are the best museums to visit in Colombo?

    1. Colombo National Museum: Established in 1877, Colombo National Museum is the largest museum in Sri Lanka. The Museum depicts the natural and cultural heritage of the country. It is open almost every day, except for National Holidays.

    2. Dutch Museum: 
    Another museum included in the Colombo packages is the Dutch Museum. It showcases the cultural heritage of the Dutch colonial era with artifacts and furniture. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

    3. National Railway Museum: You get to see all types of locomotives and carriages used in Sri Lanka from the beginning of the railway era in this museum. It is expected to be open from 9 am to 4 pm every day.

    4. Independence Museum: Located at the base of Independence Memorial Hall, Independence Museum is made in memory of soldiers and officers involved in the Independence of British Rule. You can take the best instagrammable images in the gardens of the museum.
  24. Which are the best temples to visit in Colombo?

    1. Gangaramaya Temple: The Gangaramaya Temple is a Buddhist temple and a perfect mixture of art and culture from Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, and India. It is one of the best places to include in your Colombo trip.

    2. Vajiraramaya Temple:
     Vajiraramaya Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world. The temple has a huge role in educating the youths about the principles of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    3. Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil: The temple is entirely constructed from granite and is situated in the center part of Colombo. It is known for its intricate carvings and designs and is visited by people from all parts of the world to be in the presence of the divine.

    4. Shiva Temple: Shiva Temple is named after the patriot who died while fighting for Sri Lanka's independence. The temple is known for its structures made of south granite stones with beautiful and detailed carvings on the walls.
  25. Which are the best places for shopping in Colombo?

    1. Crescat Boulevard- Crescat Boulevard is one of the best places in the Colombo tour package for shopping. If you have a shopping list for local brands, then you need to visit this place during your Colombo tour. It has a variety of options for food too.

    2. Pettah Floating Market-
    Colombo is famous for Pettah Floating Market and attracts numerous visitors every year. The place is built on bridges beside the lake. You can either buy amazing things or explore restaurants and the famous dishes of Sri Lanka here.

    3. Galle Fort-Like India, Sri Lanka is also known for its spices. The spices used in Sri Lankan curries and other dishes are freshly grounded and are sold at Galle Fort. It is the famous spice market in Colombo.

    4. Ratnapura- Sri Lanka is known as the Gem Island. So, it is the best idea to shop for gems and jewelry in Colombo in Ratnapura. The market is known for a variety of jewelry embedded with beautiful shiny stones.
  26. Which are the best waterparks in Colombo?

    1. Excel World Entertainment Park: Excel World Entertainment Park is one of the famous water parks in Colombo tourism packages. It is known for its amusing rides along with a pool lounge. You can even dine in the food court for delicious foods.

    2. Mayan Water Park:
     Mayan Water Park is located in the suburb of Colombo, Ja-Ela, and has a variety of fun rides. It is the best place to spend the vacation with your friends and family. The five different pools excite the children a lot.

    3. Leisure Water Park: Leisure Water Parks provides you and your family with amazing fun activities like paddles boat rides and swimming pools with slides for both adults and children. Boomerang, a 60 feet high water ride is one of the popular rides in the Leisure Water Park in Colombo.
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