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Things to Do in Kota

Offering a sense of excitement and thrill, the popular things to do in Kota add action to the vacation of the holidaymakers. The activities offered by the city not only let the travelers enjoy a fun-filled time with their loved ones, but also offer them the chance to explore the hidden gems of Kota and learn about the history, culture, architecture, tradition, and cuisine of the place.

From shopping and food touring to sightseeing and picnicking, there are a plethora of exhilarating activities the tourists can enjoy in Kota. The most important point to note is that the famous things in Kota can be experienced by all kinds of travelers.

While the history fanatics can take an glorious educational tour of the Maharao Madho Singh Museum and the Brij Vilas Palace Government Museum, the architecture buffs can lose themselves to the extraordinary beauty of the City Palace and the Umed Bhawan Palace. While the adventure seekers can hike to Gaipernath Waterfall, the spiritual seekers can participate in the heartwarming morning aarti at Godavari Dham Temple.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Ajmer

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  1. What are the best things to do in Ajmer?

    1. Sightseeing: One of the best Ajmer things to do, going on a sightseeing tour and exploring this admirable city, you can delve into the history and learn insights. You can visit the Darargah Sharif or Ana Sagar and Foy Sagar. You can also head out and enjoy the mesmerising views and visit the forts where you can also indulge in hiking.

    2. Ajmer Sharif Day Trip: While in the admirable city, going on a day tour to Ajmer Sharif is one of the most amazing things to do in Ajmer. It’s the shrine of Moinuddin Chisti who was a Sufi saint, and this is the sight where his grave is preserved. You can witness the rituals done by people here and experience the traditions along with feasting your eyes on the classic architecture.

    3. Explore Daulat Bagh: Witnessing this garden makes for one of the most peaceful Ajmer things to do. Soaked in the lush green, tranquil surroundings, it will calm your soul and fill your heart with peace and contentment. Stroll in the beautiful lawn with your family or beloved, it is a place you should not miss while in Ajmer.

    4. Watch the sunset at Foy Sagar Lake: Witness the surreal sunset at this gorgeous lake and take in the breathtaking views of the surroundings. The lake also provides a bewitching view of the Aravallis that will make your evening worthwhile.

    Spend your day at leisure here and spend some quality time with your family, friends or partner. It is also a photographer’s paradise and you capture the jaw-dropping sceneries here.

    5. Dine at Ajmer Restaurants: Drowned in romantic and beautiful surroundings, enjoy a fine dining experience at Ajmer. It is nothing short of a heaven for foodies and offers some of the amazing restaurants to visit.

    You can also relish the local street food in Ajmer which offers an experience like no other that will leave you wanting for more. You can enjoy multiple cuisines in Ajmer and nothing will disappoint you.

    6. Shopping: With numerous bazars in Ajmer, you can easily spend a day shopping here as there is so much to see and buy. You can shop for garments, handicrafts, silver jewellery etc. You can visit the bazar famous for bangles, bracelets, rings and many more. From paintings to stone sculptures, you can find everything in the markets of Ajmer and that too at reasonable prices that won’t cost you a fortune.

    7. Akbar Palace: Visit this magnificent palace and behold the grandeur of this place with the classic and elegant architecture. It is nothing less than a treat to the eyes and you should not miss out on this place if you have deep love for history.

    You can witness the Mughal lifestyle and their royal activities along with witnessing the sculptures, paintings and artefacts. The museum is also pretty famous and you should definitely pay a visit to delve deep and get insights into the tales of the past.

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Ajmer?

    While touring Ajmer there are a number of activities that one can indulge into. Some of the many activities are as follows:

    1, Camel Safaris: Pushkar, a nearby located town offers an opportunity to admire the beauty of Rajasthan while riding a Camel's back. Pushkar is the host town of the largest Camel Fair in the country. Hence, you can expect the best of camel safari here.

    2. Visit the Royal Forts of Ajmer: Ajmer houses some of the most beautiful forts in the country. One of them is the beautiful Akbar's Palace. Another fort worth visiting is the famous Taragarh Fort.

    3. Go for Hiking to Pushkar's Ratnagiri Hills:  Ratnagiri hills are located on the southwestern side of a beautiful lake. This hike is around 1.5 km. The top of the hill flaunts a temple named Savitri Temple which is dedicated to Lord Brahma's wife. The beautiful view from the top of the hill is absolutely mesmerizing.

    4. Visit the beautiful Ana Sagar Lake: This lake is a creation of the ancient twelfth century which imparts mesmerizing views of the beautiful city of Ajmer. There are two beautiful gardens located around named Daulat Bagh as well as Subash Bagh. Tourists can take walks in these gardens, view the beautiful sunset, take boating rides and enjoy to the core.
    5. Visit the Shrine Dargah of Moinuddin Chishti: The prime place for sightseeing in Ajmer. This religious pilgrimage place is world famous and is visited by innumerable tourists each year.

    6. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride in Pushkar: Pushkar is a small town that offers an opportunity of admiring the royal Rajasthan while dwelling in a hot air balloon.
    7. Camping in Pushkar:  While touring Ajmer you can take a camping trip in Pushkar.

  3. What are the adventure things to do near Ajmer?

    1. Hiking: You can go hiking at the Ratnagiri Hills in Pushkar that possesses the Savitri Temple on the top which is dedicated to Lord Brahma’s wife. The views from the hill are surreal.

    2. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Witness the town of Pushkar on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the panoramic views. It is absolutely an adventure you should not miss out on.

    3. Camping: An absolutely unique experience, you can go camping in Pushkar while you are on a vacation in Ajmer. It is one of the best adventurous things to do in Ajmer.

    4. Camel Safari: One of the best Ajmer things to do, camel safaris offer an exceptional experience of observing the golden dessert at ease.

    5. Royal Forts: Among the others, visiting the royal forts is one of the best things to do in Ajmer out of which one is the Akbar's palace. Magnificent architectures will leave you breathless.

  4. What is Ajmer famous for?

    Ajmer is famous for being a heritage site and a municipality. It is also considered to be a place to go on a pilgrimage and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations. The Anna Sagar, Foy Lake and the Akbar Palace along with Ajmer Sharif are the essential places visited by the people.

  5. Does one should take safari in Ajmer?

    Ajmer is located in Rajasthan and offers an opportunity to take the adventure-filled desert safaris. These Camel Safaris are massively practiced in the region. One can take up these safaris from and to various remote areas of the surroundings. There is provision for taking these safaris to various villages and nearby towns. While touring with the desert safaris you can also camp around and have a fine taste of the culture of Rajasthan. Therefore, to have an in-depth knowledge of Ajmer, its culture, the beautiful surroundings as well the people it is recommended that you surely take up a desert safari.

  6. What is the best time to visit Ajmer?

    Ajmer is famous for being a heritage site and a municipality. It is also considered to be a place to go on a pilgrimage and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations. The Anna Sagar, Foy Lake and the Akbar Palace along with Ajmer Sharif are the essential places visited by the people.

  7. How far is Pushkar from Ajmer? What is famous about that place?

    Pushkar is a small town which can be reached within 30 minutes to 45 minutes from Ajmer. The driving distance from Ajmer to Pushkar is 16 kilometers whereas the aerial distance between Ajmer and Pushkar is 10 kilometers.

    Pushkar is a renowned tourist destination and is popular for the Pushkar Camel Fair that is hosted each year in the months of Kartika Purnima as per the Hindu Calendar. It features a massive trading fete of horses, camels as well as cattle and goes on for seven long days. It attracts almost two hundred thousand tourists each year from all across the globe.


  8. Where is the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah located?

    The dargah of Moinuddin Chishti also popularly known as Ajmer Sharif Dargah as well as Ajmer Sharif, is a renowned international waqf.
    · Location - It is located in Ahmedabad House of Diggi Bazaar's Khadim Mohalla of Ajmer in Rajasthan.

  9. Is Ajmer safe to visit?

    Yes, Ajmer is absolutely safe to visit and welcomes tourists in a warm and friendly manner. You can step out in the night and explore the city at your comfortable pace as it is not dangerous to go around.

  10. Is Ajmer worth visiting?

    Yes, Ajmer is definitely worth visiting as it is home to numerous pilgrimage destinations including Dargah Sharif, Nasiyan Jain Temple along with several places to go shopping like Nala Bazar, Mahila Mandi etc.

    Ajmer also offers a lot many activities and things to do while on your vacation here such as hiking, hot air balloon ride, camping and relishing the authentic food.

  11. What are the best places for shopping in Ajmer?

    1. Nala Bazar: You can buy numerous things including garments, silver jewellery, woodwork and several other items. Witness the culture of Ajmer here at the Nala Bazar and have a great time.

    2. Chudi Bazar: You will find vibrant and coloured bangles, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, rings and more at Chudi Bazar and it is one of the best places to go shopping in Ajmer.

    3. Mahila Mandi: You can go shopping here in Ajmer and shop for colourful and traditional fabrics, jewellery, accessories, bindis, dupattas and Rajasthani ties.

    4. Urban Haat Bazar: You can shop for antique items, souvenirs, handicrafts and numerous other things at the Urban Haat Bazar. This is one of the best markets to go shopping in Ajmer.

  12. What are the best resorts to stay in Ajmer?

    1. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa: A beautiful place to relax and go on a vacation with your family, friends and partner. The Westin Pushkar provides an incredible and luxurious spa experience making for an opulent vacation.

    2. Greenhouse Resort: A luxurious resort soaked in lush greenery and verdant gardens offers aesthetic views of the hills and a calming stay. Indulge in an exceptionally relaxing spa experience, you will enjoy a memorable time here.

    3. Grand Xenia: With elegant interiors and contemporary facilities, Grand Xenia offers luxurious spa and massage experiences with plenty of amenities and tasteful interiors. It provides various other facilities making your holiday a pleasant one.

    4. Bijay Niwas Palace: Offering historical insights, it is one of the most beautiful resorts with royal interiors and exceptional spa facilities. With splendid views and several wellness therapies, it offers a remarkable holiday.