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Wonderla Waterpark in Bangalore is beyond doubt, the best waterpark in the city. It is a haven for those seeking an escape from the mundane boredom of everyday life and offers a series of rides that will make your adrenaline go berserk.

It is renowned for its high thrill rides, but there are other relaxing booths that attract people of all ages thus making it an all-encompassing place. 

It is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, so if you are a temporary wanderer there, then reaching the place may be tricky but not impossible. 

In fact, the connectivity in Bangalore has made it all the more easy to reach. 

The water park/ amusement park features over 60 exhilarating rides for kids aged five years old to adults over 70 years old. 

One of its recently constructed rides, the ‘Reverse Looping Roller Coaster’ – a roller coaster that can be ridden in both directions, once straight and then reverse, has left adrenaline junkies thrilled.

The wave pool is built with hi-tech devices that give you the feeling of standing in the middle of an ocean with smooth waves around you; the rain disco is an always-raining discotheque with hit songs playing in the background so that you can dance too and what not!

Here is a guide to answer some prompt questions that might arise in your head before your visit to one of the loudest, craziest, and most thrilling places of Bangalore.

How to Reach Wonderla

From Airport- 

Since Wonderla is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, reaching the waterpark may be tricky. The easiest and most convenient way is to hire a cab or book online to Wonderla from outside the airport. However, this may be expensive.

There are several BMTC buses that run to Wonderla from Majestic, Koramangala, HSR, and ITLP. You can catch a bus to either of these stations from outside the airport and get into a bus that goes to Wonderla. 

Best Time to Visit Wonderla

The best time to visit Wonderla Waterpark is from March to June. This is the summertime in Bangalore, and many people resort to Wonderla to escape the scorching heat of the sun.

However, this is the peak season, so the park is highly crowded, and the fares might be high. 

You can also visit after the monsoon has dwindled in September.

What Not to Miss at Wonderla

Places to Visit near Wonderla - 

Wonderla is the haven for exciting ventures of the lands and waters, but there are several places around Wonderla too that are worth a visit. Here is a list of some of the most popular places near the waterpark: 

Madhwa Narayana Ashrama Temple - The Madhwa Narayana Ashrama Temple is a Hindu Temple with a built in meditation center. There are shrines of Lord Hanuman and Lord Narsimha. 

The atmosphere is surrounded by a spiritual aura, and the lush green surroundings make for a great space to spend some time with yourself or your family.

Location: Dodda Aladamara Road | Haridasa Nagar, Bengaluru 560060, India

Distance from Wonderla Waterpark: 7.5 km

Enchanting Acres - Enchanting Acres is a farm-cum-restaurant frolicked with gurgling fountains and farm animals like horses, rabbits, and dogs that the visitors are allowed to pet, feed, and play with.

They also provide pottery and painting classes for older kids.

Location: 29 Enchanting Acres | next to GR Educational Institute, Bengaluru 560078, India

Distance from Wonderla Waterpark: 9.7 km

Innovative Film City - The Aqua Kingdom, Cartoon City for Kids, Dinosaur Park, Haunted mansion, Mirror Maze, and Arrow Throwing are all the exhilarating activities that can be explored at the Innovative Film City.

Location: 24 & 26, Bidadi Industrial Estate, Bengaluru 562109, India

Distance from Wonderla Waterpark: 6.7 km

Rides and Attractions at Wonderla - 

Wonderla is all about thrilling rides to get your adrenaline pumping! It is the most joyous water and land rides in its arsenal, awaiting your arrival.

The attractions are mainly categorized into four –land rides, water rides, high thrill rides, and kids rides. Here is a detailed description of each of them:

Land Rides : The state of the art land rides of Wonderla Waterpark is bound to make you feel like staying here forever. 

They comprise of – Wave Rider, Adventures of Chikku, Cine Magic, Musical Fountain, and Hang Glider,  Laser Show, Pirate Ship, Wonder Splash, Net Walk, Sky Wheel, Wonder Splash, Termite Coaster, Toon Tango, and Train, Dungeon Rides, Crazy Cars I and II, Crazy Wagon and Rockin’ Tug.

Water Rides : The beach like wave pools and disco pools is bound to make your stay here exhilarating.

Water rides at the Wonderla Waterpark include the following – Droop Loop, Lazy River, Jungle Lagoon, Fun Racers, Boomerang, Harakiri, Banded Kraits I, Uphill Racers, II and III, Twisters II, I and III, Wave Pools I and II, Rain Disco, Wavy, Play Pools I and II, Cornetto and Vertical Fall. 

High Thrill Rides: The high thrill rides of Wonderla Waterpark are not for the weak-hearted. They offer various thrilling experiences in high paced vehicles and loopy roller coasters. 

The high thrill rides here constitute– Recoil, Equinox, Flash Tower, Hurricane, Insanity, Y – Techno Jump, Scream, Drop Zone, Maverick, and Wonderla Bamba.

Kids’ Rides: Wonderla is a place for adults and kids alike. They have a kids’ zone interspersed with exciting rides for the tiny tots. 

They comprise the following – Mini Venice, Magic Mushroom, Merry Ghost, Mini Pirate Ship, Kiddies Wheel, Jumping Frog, Mini Express, Lion Swing, Flying Jumbo, Carousel, Convoy Funky Monkey, and Mini Coo Cup.

Other Essential Information About Wonderla

  Wonderla Waterpark is located on Mysore Road, about 28 km from Bangalore.

Address: 28th km Mysore Road, Bengaluru 562109, India

Timings:  Wonderla Waterpark has land rides and water rides, each operating at different times of the day.

Normal Season: Week Days

Land Rides: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Water Rides: 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Normal Season: Weekends

Land Rides: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Water Rides: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Peak Season: All Days

Land Rides: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Water Rides: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Wonderla Attractions Pass Types- 

There are various passes at the Wonderla Waterpark pertaining to different age groups of the people.

The price is inclusive of all the water and land rides that one can take at the waterpark, and also depends on whether it is the peak season or normal season for the park. 

Naturally, rates are slightly higher during the peak season. Here is a list of the various types of passes:

Normal Season: Week Days

Adult Regular: INR 923 + 18% GST

Child Regular: INR 740 + 18% GST

Senior Citizen (60 – 69 years): INR 690 + 18% GST

Super Senior Citizen (70 years and above): INR 460 + 18% GST

Defense: INR 740 + 18% GST

Fastrack Adult: INR 1385 + 18% GST

Fastrack Child: INR 1110 + 18% GST

Normal Season: Week Days/ Holidays

Adult Regular: INR 1182 + 18% GST

Child Regular: INR 945 + 18% GST

Senior Citizen (60 – 69 years): INR 885 + 18% GST

Super Senior Citizen (70 years and above): INR 590 + 18% GST

Defense: INR 945 + 18% GST

Fastrack Adult: INR 1775 + 18% GST

Fastrack Child: INR 1420 + 18% GST

Festive Season: All Days

Adult Regular: INR 1254 + 18% GST

Child Regular: INR 1005 + 18% GST

Senior Citizen (60 – 69 years): INR 940 + 18% GST

Super Senior Citizen (70 years and above): INR 625 + 18% GST

Defense: INR 1005 + 18% GST

Fastrack Adult: INR 2195 + 18% GST

Fastrack Child: INR 1760 + 18% GST

Terms and conditions:

Tickets for children are based on their heights, ranging from 85 – 140 cm.

There is no entry pass for children below 85 cm.

The perks of purchasing a Fastrack ticket include 25% reservations on all the land and water rides, and re-entry permitted after an hour of the previous ride.

Places to Dine at Wonderla Waterpark- 

There are several in-built cafes and restaurants at Wonderla to quench your thirst and fill-in your cravings! Here is a list of all the restaurants within the periphery of the place:

Park View Restaurant- Have some sumptuous South Indian breakfast at the Park View Restaurant situated at the entrance.

Chillies Restaurant- Chillies have a repertoire of selections ranging from quick meals to biryani combos and noodles with Manchurian. 

Greens Restaurant - Greens’ has a vegetarian-only menu with Indian and Chinese food coupled with fast foods like grilled sandwiches.

Waves Restaurant - If you want to grab a bite after a thrilling wave pool experience, then this restaurant is your cue. It is located beside the wave pool and offers some lip-smacking North Indian combos. They also serve well cooked and spicy kebabs and biryani.

Courtyard Restaurant - The Indian and Oriental cuisine of Courtyard Restaurant is bound to turn your mouth into an explosion of scrumptious spices. 

Crazy Pizza - Try Pizzas with different toppings at Crazy Pizza, it is one of the most scintillating and crowded cafes of Wonderla.

Rules and Regulations-

There are certain things you should keep in mind about Wonderla Waterpark:

1. Senior Citizens can avail of a 25% - 50 % discount on their entry passes after they show a valid government ID at the ticket counter.

2. Don’t forget to wear UV protective sunscreen or sunglasses to avoid getting sunburnt.

3. Do not dive into the pools. They are shallow in depth.

4. Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, heart patients, people who have undergone surgeries, and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid the fast-paced and thrilling rides.

5. Do not wear loose garments like dupattas, sarees, and burqas inside the park.

6. If children are accompanying you, ensure you do not let them out of your sight, or they have a way to get in touch with you if you do.

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People Also Ask About Wonderla

  1. Are there locker room facilities available?

    Yes, Wonderla Waterpark has a well-maintained changing room and locker room facilities available for both men and women with reasonable charges attached to them. You have to pay INR 170 with a deposit of INR 100, which is refundable.

    As a key to your locker, you get RFID bands that can be worn around your wrist. In fact, you can add or withdraw money from these watch-like bands to pay for your food and meals.
  2. I forgot to bring my swimsuit!

    What if you forgot to bring your swimsuit? Don’t worry; the park has in-built stores that sell swimsuits for both men and women at a nominal price.

    The park prohibits its visitors from wearing loose garments like dupattas, sarees, burqas, baggy jeans, and salwars for safety purposes, so do carry your swimsuit, or buy it from the Park outlet.
  3. What if someone in my group gets injured or feels unwell?

    A first-aid facility is available at the park in case of emergencies. It is well-equipped with the staff required to patch a wound and can prescribe tablets in case of any ailment.
  4. Are there ATMs available at the waterpark?

    Yes, there are ATMs built at the entrance and parking areas of the park. However, once you’re ready for the rides, it would be impossible to go back to the entrance area to get some cash, so it is advisable to carry cash with you either from the city itself or ATMs at the entrance.

    After keeping your belongings in the locker room, you will get an RFID band, a watch-like band that can be worn around your wrist, which can be used for adding or withdrawing money.

    This makes transferring money easier, and you can have fun in all the water and land rides without the hassle of having to keep your wallet safe throughout.
  5. Are the rides safe?

    Yes, all the water and land rides at Wonderla are safe and undergo periodical checks. With the advent of new rides, the need for safety has increased, and the park does not plan on lagging behind this necessity.

    There are lifeguards around the park to ensure a safe venture, and the authorities prohibit those suffering from physical ailments like high BP or epilepsy to go on high thrill rides.
  6. Is the park differently-abled friendly?

    Yes, the park is differently-abled friendly. In fact, guests are welcome to bring their wheelchairs as there is only limited availability of them at the park.

    One can hire a wheelchair at a refundable deposit of INR 100. They are given on a first come, first-served basis.
  7. Are changing rooms available?

    Yes, the Wonderla Waterpark is well-equipped with both locker rooms and changing rooms, separate for men and women

    . There are showers available in and outside these rooms, and guests are welcome to keep their baggage in cloakrooms.