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About Korigad Fort

Snuggled 20 km away from Lonavala in Pune, Korigad Fort is one of the scenic spots showcasing the grandeur of Shivaji’s Legacy. This elegant edifice was built back in the 15th century and is established at a soaring height of 929 meters above the ground. The serenity of the site is maintained with the three elegant temples that are built on the notch of the peak.

From the base point, which is the Peth Shahpur village there’s a staircase of 600 stairs that you need to traverse to reach the fort. At this fort, you can take a deep insight into the lifestyle of Maharaj Shivaji and gape at the intriguing architectural style of the building. The entire display reminds of the Maratha warriors and is surrounded by the colossal ranges.

How to Reach Korigad Fort

By Train: There are connecting trains from Pune and Mumbai to Lonavala that is the nearest railway station to Korigad. From there you can take the local bus or book a private cab or taxi to reach the Peth Shahpur village that is the summit of the trek.

By Bus:
The distance between Lonavala and Korigad is approximately 20 km that can be covered by road. If you wish to embrace the true beauty then you can opt for a two-wheeler or can gape at the spelling binding views of nature from a car. 

By Air: The nearest airport from Korigad fort is Pune that is 95 km away. From here you can take a bus or train to Lonavala and then opt for a taxi for about 20 km.

Best Time to Visit Korigad Fort

Summer: The best time to explore the bounties of Korigad in the summer month is March as the climate is quite favorable and the views are pleasing. The temperature ranges between decent 19 to 25 degrees and makes it a perfect time for the hike.

The months from June to August, should be avoided as these are the monsoon months and the routes are slippery and make trekking difficult. Though the routes and views at this time are beautiful and with little attention, you can complete the trek. 

Best time to visit: The most suitable time for visiting Korigad fort is from September to March as the temperatures between 18 to 24 degrees celsius and one can also go for a night trek in these months.

What Not to Miss at Korigad Fort

Places to visit around Korigad Fort

Shirota Lake: Nestled on Lonavala-Khandala highway, this beautiful lake near Rajmachi Fort is one of the best weekend getaways near Korigad Fort. This place is known for its lakeside camping sites and adventure activities.

Sunil's Celebrity Wax Museum: Take a look at the best collection of Sunil Kandalloor’s wax statues of International and Bollywood celebrities. Click pictures with them or just watch the peculiarity of the statue’s artistry.

Reversing Station: Lately used as Railway office, this vantage point offers picturesque views of the Duke’s peak and various other prominent sites. Here you can visit the Amrutanjan point, which is outside tunnel number 26.

Sakur Plateau: Located in the vicinity of Khandala, the Sakur Plateau is perched at a soaring height of 1,000 feet above the ground and one can take a glimpse of the entire region.

Things to do around Korigad Fort

A day out at Magic Mountain: Famed as one of the biggest amusement parks in India, Magic Mountain offers a combination of fun and adventure. There are more than 50 indoor and outdoor slides along with entertainment zones where you have memorable time with your friends and family.

Enjoy View at Tiger's Point: Commonly known as Tiger’s leap this vantage point offers splendid views of the valley. If you take a close look at the valley you can see an impression of Tiger leaping from the valley and this is the reason it’s named so.

Explore Bhaja Caves: The cluster of 22-rock cut caves that were built back in the 2nd century is a true delight for a history buff. If you are looking for a spot to make the most of your alone time, then this is the best place for you.

Trek to Korigad Fort: Hike up to the top point of Korigad fort that is snuggled at an elevation 929 meter above the sea level and showcases the grandeur of Shivaji’s legacy. At this fort, you will have to climb up 600 steps and the views after the ascend are worth the effort.

Other Essential Information About Korigad Fort

Mobile Connectivity: The phone connectivity is limited for almost every cellular network, you cannot expect high-speed internet but call connectivity is moderate.

There are no ATMs at the Peth Shahpur village that is the base point of the fort. The nearest ATM is available at Lonavala that is approximately 20 km away from the village. Make sure that you keep enough cash with yourself for the trek.

Food Joints:
The village has no food joints, but you can enjoy home cooked food at the nearby homestays or can enjoy local culinary at the restaurants in Lonavala. You will find no food joints on the trek but if you book meals in your trekking packages then you will be served with packed food.

Minimum Duration for Korigad Fort:
The minimum duration for reaching the summit of Korigad Fort is approximately 1 hour as you will have to complete an ascend of 600 stairs one way.

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People Also Ask About Korigad Fort

  1. How can I go to Korigad Fort from Pune?

    The distance between Korigad Fort and Pune is approximately 90 km and one can take a direct train or bus to Lonavala that is 20 km away. From here you can book a private cab or taxi to the Peth Shahpur and then trek to the top of the fort.

  2. How do I get to Korigad Fort?

    Getting to the Korigad fort is quite easy as it is easily accessible. You can reach to Lonavala by train or bus and hire a taxi or cab till Peth Shahpur that is is the base point for the trek.

    By Train: You can take a direct train to Lonavala and then book a taxi or private cab till Peth Shahpur.

    By Air: The nearest airport is Pune, from where Korigad Fort is approximately 90 km and can be covered by a private taxi or shared cabs.

    By Road: The best and most convenient way to reach Peth Shahpur is by road you can either drive up to the fort’s base point or can book a taxi that will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

  3. How many steps are there in Korigad Fort?

    To reach the summit you will have to climb up approximately 600 steps that are quite rugged as they were built back in the 15th century. You will need 45 minutes to one hour to complete the ascent to the summit.

  4. How long does it take to climb Korigad Fort?

    Reaching out to the notch of the fort takes approximately 1 hour for first-timers.

  5. Can I do Trekking at Korigad Fort?

    Yes, you can go for trekking to the Korigad Fort that is a one-day activity as it takes 3-4 hours. It is snuggled at an elevation of approximately 929 meters above the sea level and you will have to reach out Peth Shahpur to begin the ascend.

    From there, one needs to traverse 600 steps to reach the summit. The combination of views of Shivaji's empire contrasting with the fort views is worth the effort.

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